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follow junctions/symbolic links

luke clemens
posted this on February 23, 2012 12:12

This is a cool app!  However, it would be even more useful if it were possible to mirror a location utilizing symbolic links or junctions. The reason for this is that most of us have all of our pictures in say C:\Users\XXX\My Pictures. In my case, I have 6+ GB in there. The way Social Folders works now, I would have two duplicates of this if I wanted all the pictures in both Facebook and Picasa+: so there would be 12 GB of duplicated photos on my drive. Additionally, whenever I pull in new photos from my camera, I would have to copy them to two locations.  If I used other apps that required use of the "My Pictures" folder, I would have 3 duplicates (18GB)!  Ideally, if Social Folders could follow links, synchronizing multiple services with a single data set would be possible.

I tried replacing the "my albums" folders with a junction and a symbolic link (mklink) to the My Pictures folder, but both methods confused Social Folders. Adding files locally or remotely had no effect. I know QDir has a FollowSymlinks flag, so perhaps just specifying that option would be enough to get it working?  It's a 1 line code change - might be worth a try anyway. Eventually, it would be cool if the Social Folders GUI had the ability to create junctions/symbolic links, but for now I would be quite content to do it myself with Windows 7's mklink utility or one of the many downloadable GUI based apps instead.